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Barn Style Interior Door

Your Interior Doors Are Decorating Accessories

When you begin to decorate (or re-decorate) your home, you’ll soon discover that every choice you make will impact the room’s feel and character. Decorating is about more than picking a certain shade of sofa. It’s in the artwork you hang on the wall, the light fixtures you choose, and whether you paint an accent wall to draw the eye. Even the door to the room can make a design statement, so don’t forget about it.

We tend to consider doors only for their simple functionality of allowing for privacy, but they are as much a part of a room as its furniture, curtains, and lamps. Sure, you can always stick with a bland white or brown door, but what about investing a little more into a door with personality? At California Design, we offer a variety of interior doors that will make a statement even before a guest or family member walks through it. Check out our Raised Panel Moulding series, as well as our elegant glass doors.

Your interior doors might just be the most intriguing part of your newly designed home!

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