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Want to Lower Your Carbon Footprint? Get New Windows!

Monday, August 8th wasn’t exactly a day worth celebrating. According to international think tank Global Footprint Network, August 8th was “Earth Overshoot Day,” the day in which, according to an article in the Christian Science Monitor “we’ve used up as many natural resources as Earth can regenerate in a single year.” Talk about depressing! Especially since 2016 marks the earliest Earth Overshoot Day since it was first reported.

Many of us, especially here in Palm Desert and Coachella Valley want to lower our carbon footprint without trading in our cars for bicycles or giving up all our worldly goods. The truth is that there are a lot of small ways to cut back on our consumption, including energy consumption without going to extremes. One way is to install energy efficient windows in your home. This summer has been hot in Palm Desert and Coachella Valley. If your windows are old, they can let the hot air in and leak the cold air from your air conditioning, forcing you to blast the energy-sucking AC all day long. New energy efficient windows can keep the hot air out in the sizzling summer and the cool air in. That means a much more enjoyable indoor climate for you, less use of the AC, and big savings on your energy bill. Your wallet and Mother Nature both win out!

Contact California Design Wood Products to learn more about installing energy saving windows in your Palm Desert or Coachella Valley home.

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