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Time to Get That Remodel Done Before the Holidays

You’ve been thinking about moving forward with a needed home remodel for a while. Maybe it’s finally time to bring your kitchen into the 21st century, or to reward yourselves with a gorgeous luxury master bath. If you’ve been hemming and hawing, then it’s time to start moving. The holiday season is almost here, and you don’t want to get stuck with a half-finished kitchen over Thanksgiving or a non-functioning master bath while your family is staying over for Christmas or Hanukah.

The remodel process takes time. You’ll probably need a few weeks to seek out potential contractors and solicit bids. Once you’ve chosen a bid, you’ll need to get on the contractor’s schedule. Most contractors are booked out at least a few weeks, and some are booked out for a few months in advance. You’ll also need to include time for the remodel contractor to draw up the plans, get the right permits and permissions, and order all the finishes you want. If these finishes are back ordered or coming by boat overseas, that could add on a few more weeks.

So, basically, unless you want to be singing your Christmas carols over the sound of power tools and hammering, now is the time to start requesting bids for your remodel. If you live in Palm Desert or Coachella Valley, we would love the chance to compete for your business!

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