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Dear Ron,

I have been very remiss in getting back to you on the below items. I apologize. We’ve been extremely busy getting ready for our 50th wedding anniversary and having about 75 people over to our home to celebrate at the end of this month. Seems like I found a whole list of things to fix or change for this event.

The vendor did show up in early March from the thousand oaks office. Took vendor 15 or 20 minutes to install new rollers in the sliding glass door. They did a great job and mentioned they had done others in the LaVerne area that same week. Thank you again for being such a great advocate on my behalf with the vendor. We can now safely exit the house, other than the front and garage doors, without trying to dead left a 300 lb. door with worn out rollers.

I am happy to refer you to people around. In fact, I mentioned a referral to you way back in Feb, regarding our neighbor’s looking into possibilities for new windows for their La Verne home.

Next time I see them I hope to find out what they are thinking of for windows, or anyone else in the neighborhood for that matter.

Thanks again for all your help on my vendor problem.

Headed and managed “hands on” by Mr. Nelson, this firm provided excellent quality in workmanship, materials, and communication. My glass paned wooden French door assembly was destroyed by a vehicle collision and as the repair progressed, I realized how lucky I was to have found California Design Wood Products in an online search to do the job. Mr. Nelson came to my place twice to photograph and get an exact evaluation of the damage, take exact measurements and to discuss the repair approach in person. He promptly delivered a professional estimate to my insurance company which was readily accepted. Once that was settled, he built the new doors in his shop and delivered/installed them on time with no issues. From the first phone call with him to the last touch of the finisher’s brush, I could not have asked for smoother, better quality workmanship, timeliness, or communication with me and my insurance company.

California Design Wood Products returned my destroyed doors to their original condition with personable, efficient, top quality service; they are a company that I am happy to “have on-hand” for any project and I would not hesitate to call them again.

Dear Ron,

We want to express our appreciation to you and your craftsmen for the recent renovation of our house. It went so smoothly. You did a great job of keeping us updated on dates and time everyone would arrive. Larry and Justin did a great job on the windows and siding door. Their attention to detail was remarkable. Their work was clean, neat and fast. Very nice young men, they were very respectful of our home and property.

Thanks to all.

Dear Association,

We are homeowners in The Springs. In March we had California Design replace all the windows in our home in The Springs. Ron Nelson is president of this company. He did a great job for us (as he has for Ray W. and Roberts S., also homeowners in The Springs.) Ron was able to do our job in a timely manner and gave us good service.

Because of the good service we received from California Design we would like to recommend having California Design placed on the Homeowners Service list for any homeowners who may desire to replace their old single-paned windows.


Hi Ron,

Thank you so much. We will be anxious to meet with the designer you located. We plan to be in the desert by the first week in January. If he would like to make direct contact with us before then you should feel free to give him our e-mail information. We plan to stay in California until the first week in May so we should have plenty of time to plan for work that can be done after we leave just like windows.

Thanks also for sending the warranty material which I have already mailed to you. You made is so easy! Marlene and I have owned a number of houses over the years and have done work with may contractors. Our experience with you from beginning to end has been the best working relationship we have ever had. Don’t hesitate to use us as a reference if that is ever appropriate and we look forward to working on future projects with you.

All our best,

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