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It’s Time to Replace Your Old Carpeting with Something Better

After a few years, even the nicest carpets will come to look dingy and beaten down. If your carpet is overdue for an overhaul, don’t hold off any longer, especially if you have company coming over for the holidays.

Before you replace your old carpet with the exact same shade of new carpet, take a moment to consider if you even want to continue the carpet trend. Might it be time to lay down some gorgeous wood flooring or try some tile, which will feel nice and cool during the hot days in the desert? Wood flooring will give your rooms a more natural and rustic look, and it won’t get dingy like carpet. You can save big by choosing laminate or engineered wood that looks just like the real thing at a fraction of the cost.

Tile flooring will let you make a bold design statement in your home. There are tons of different tiles to choose from, including gorgeous stone tiles to hardy laminate tile that won’t break the bank.

Not sure what flooring choice to make for your Palm Desert or Coachella home? Tell us your budget and your taste, and we can help you decide!

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