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House Too Cold? You May Need to Replace Your Windows

It isn’t quite winter yet, but the cold comes early in the desert. If you find yourself shivering under layers of blankets at night or cranking your heating system up to keep out the chill, it may be time to replace your windows!

Windows are a primary weak point in a home, when it comes to keeping cold air out and warm air in. If your windows have warped, or if they simply aren’t well made, they could be making you miserable and driving up your energy bill.

You’ll be amazed at the difference a new set of windows can make. Our dual-pane windows are great at insulating your home, which means warm air stays in and cold air stays out. You’ll find that you’ll have to use your heater much less often, which will save you big on your electric bill and help you run a more environmentally friendly home. Here’s one more bonus – new windows will do a much better job of blocking outside noise. Now, your neighbors can party all night long, and you’ll sleep like a baby.

If you live in Palm Desert or Coachella Valley, call us to learn more about our energy efficient windows before winter truly arrives!

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