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Does It Make Sense to Turn a Half Bath into a Full Bath?

Have you been considering turning a half bath into a full bath in your Palm Desert or Coachella Valley house? You’re probably wondering if the cost of the remodel is worth the result. The answer is that a lot depends on your home.

How Much Will the Conversion Cost?
The cost of a half bath to full bath conversion will depend both on your home and your expectations. Most likely, the remodeling team will have to expand the footprint of your bath to fit in a shower and tub. If there is not a lot of available space to expand into, the conversion might be tricky (and expensive).

Secondly, adding in a shower and/or bath will require the skills of a plumber to hook it up to your piping system. Depending on how the pipes are placed in the bathroom, this could be an easy or difficult job.

Finally, the price will also depend on what you envision as the final product. Do you want a glorious walk-in shower with expensive tiling? Do you want to make enough room for a double vanity with lots of storage? Or, do you want to just squeeze a modest shower in the corner? All of these decisions will affect the final price tag of the project!

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