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Do You Need to Remodel Your Home Before a Parent Moves In?

Baby Boomers don’t just have to worry about their adult children moving back in. Many are also stepping up to become caretakers for aging parents who move into their home. Are you thinking of inviting a parent to live with you? If so, you may need to consider making updates to your home so that you can safely accommodate a person with limited mobility and balance. Here are just a few updates to consider:

• Granny flat: If you want to give your parent privacy and autonomy (and enjoy more privacy yourself), consider building a stand-alone granny flat on your property.
• Downstairs bedroom: If you don’t have the room or budget for a granny flat, then consider adding a bedroom downstairs for your parent. This might be as easy as converting an office or sitting room into a bedroom.
• Ramps: If your parent is in a wheelchair, uses a walker, or has difficulty with balance, you may need to add ramps to your porch and any steps in your home.
• Grab bars: These simple bars can be added near the bed, toilet, and shower to help your parent maintain balance
• Walk-in tub: The bathroom can create a lot of fall risks, especially as an elderly parent steps over the lip of the tub. A walk-in tub makes the transition much safer.

Need help updating your Palm Desert or Coachella Valley home for an incoming parent? We can help you make your home a relaxing and safe place for your parent.

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