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Can a Remodeled Master Bath Really Improve Your Marriage?

Here at California Design Wood Products, we definitely aren’t marriage experts by any means, but we do know that sharing a small, crowded bathroom is a great way for couples to start the day off on the wrong foot. No one likes being locked out of the bathroom when they need to get ready for work while their spouse takes a long shower. It can also be annoying when the sink is crowded with your partner’s care products.

A remodeled bathroom won’t solve deep-seeded relationship issues, but it can certainly improve your bathroom routine. Think about how nice it would be to have a double-sink vanity, where each spouse can enjoy his or her own sink and space. A larger vanity can also mean lots of drawers to hold your personal care items.

That’s not all! A master bath remodel could add lots of space to your bathroom, so that one spouse can take a shower, while the other gets ready at the sink. Here at California Design Wood Products, we can add a privacy door to the toilet so that one spouse doesn’t have to kick the other out of the bathroom to do their business.

It’s amazing how a little extra space can cut down on bathroom squabbles. If you are ready to end the bathroom wars in your Palm Desert or Coachella Valley home, then contact us to learn more about your master bath remodel options.

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