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Black And White Design

Black Makes a Breakthrough

One of the biggest design trends we’ve seen is the demand for black accents. Black is often sleek and modern-looking. While it matches many other colors (which makes it an easy pick), we see black frames on windows and doors is extremely popular. In fact, we are getting requests for black window frames, trim, doors, cabinet hardware, faucets, and door frames.

At California Design, we have many options for windows, doors and hardware to meet the demand for this design trend. The most popular look Is a modern black with black outside if the Home Owners Association (HOA) allows it. If the HOA does not allow, then we can provide black inside and white or other options for the outside.

We thought you might enjoy a small sampling of inspiration.

The images in the gallery feature Marvin. We have offerings in our other lines including Origin and Crystal as well as hardware by Emtek. Based on your home and project, we are sure to have the perfect selections of black windows, doors, and hardware.  If you want to be on trend with black – give us a call.

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